Apr 25, 2007

valse romantique

It strides around my head today, the opening notes repeating endlessly mmm da dah, mmm da dah. It is memorised, I am even picking up the picking up of playing from a random point within a phrase; it is almost printed on my mind, my fingers typing it out all Night, left hand mmm da dah, mmm da dah, right hand finally interskipping wistfully m-mm-mah, and what it means is you are never going to sleep never ever.
I am worried about performing wearing shoes. The last time I played with shoes on was I don't know when, and I could slip them off but would it be frowned upon?

It rained most of the night and melted into the freshest morning. It smells simple and feels right. Missy misses Miss Annie and stands by the old Barn. I'll take her an apple and cheer and then it's back to the Piano; I think I've been seized.

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