Aug 8, 2006


they were only ordinary trees
to us the branches were beckoning
they whispered of magic
it was only a pile of leaves
to us it was autumn's laughter
smiling at our levity
it was only the famer's crop
to us it was a city
of emeralds and gold
it was only a cheerful creek
to us, a roaring river to be forded
recklessly, now
it was only the last glow of daylight
to us, the first light of stars
Venus sparkling good night
it was only now dreaded bedtime
to us, a merry chase; memories of today
and dreams of tomorrow


Justice said...

wow that was great. well, all i have to say is that your the wiser twin...

jessie said...

you write so beautifully...

Anonymous said...

This is my fault I'm afraid...

Ah well, tis very pretty. Well done.

Christina said...

justice and jessie - thank you both. And I wouldn't say so, catherine.

Anonymous? Give me a break.